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weighing Indicator

◆Adopt the technology of three-integral, 16 kinds of capacity can be chose.
◆Calibration without full-capacity, data inputting with only one key.
◆Many types of filter parameter setting.
◆Many types of division can be selected.
◆The position of point can be selected.
◆ Zero-tracking range and zero-catching can be selected.
◆Many types of print-mode can be selected.
◆Two fixed-value can be set. It can be used in value setting and alarm.
◆Many types of baud rate and transmit format selection,successive transmission and net-communication with 26 (52) pieces can be selected.
◆Date, time, vehicle number, cargo number, unit-price, fixed value 1, fixed value 2 setting.
◆Weight, sum, total times, total weight, total sum display and printing.
◆Positive and negative peak value test .
◆Data protection when power off.


Accuracy class   OIML Ⅲ  
Display   7 digits 0.5 inch LED display  
Keyboard   5 function keys  
Division   1; 2; 5; 10; 20; 50  
Tare range   100% F.S.  
Max.Number of load cells   4×350Ω  
Supply voltage(V)   AC: ~220V (-15%…+10%)  
Supply voltage(Hz)   50  
Supply voltage(Hz)   /DC: 6V  
Max.power consumption (VA)   6  
Fusible-ling fuse(sloe blow) (A)   1  
Communicate interface   RS-232  
Print interface   Parallel interface,contact with micro-printer  
Storange –humidity   ≤70% RH  
working –humidity   ≤90% RH  
Storange –temperature   ℃ -10…+50 RH  
working–temperature (℃)   0…+40 RH  
Outline (mm)   170×70×105  
Weight (kg)   0.6