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Wireless anti-collision crane scale


◆Special design: Anti-shock design with cage for terminals, shipping and cargo terminal and other special occasions, maximize the protection of wireless antennas and power switches.
◆Multi-function operation: Tare;Zero;Auto zero tracking;Total;Hold; Overload warning and record, operate through remote controller,etc functions.
◆User-friendly design: Steel housing scale body, high-tension shackle and hook;Weighing data save protection in case of power off;keyboard calibration, easy to operate; Power saving mode, turn off automatically after 1 hour with no operation;Gathering up to data records of 2000 weighing, records can be sorted, searched and printed;Micro-printer in indicator;RS232 optional.


产品标准   GB/T11883-2002《电子吊秤》  
显示字高   192×64点阵液晶中文显示屏(带夜间背光)  
手动置零范围   4%最大秤量  
去皮范围   20%最大秤量  
读数稳定时间   ≤10秒  
超载报警值   最大秤量+9e  
安全载荷   125%最大秤量  
极限载荷   400%最大秤量  
连续使用时间   秤体≥50小时,仪表≥40小时(不使用打印和开启背光)  
A/D转换速度   ≥50次/秒  
最大内码   100万  
传感器供桥电压   DC 5V  
使用温度范围   秤体-10℃~+50℃;吊秤显示仪0℃~+40℃  
使用湿度范围   20℃时,≤85%  
无线收发最大距离   200米(开阔场)  
Frequency   450MhHe  

Main technical data

MODEL Max. capacity(kg) Min. weigh(kg) Division(kg) Total dispay counts (n)
OCS-SWC-1 1000 10 0.5 2000
OCS-SWC-2 2000 20 1 2000
OCS-SWC-3 3000 20 1 3000
OCS-SWC-5 5000 40 2 2500
OCS-SWC-10 10000 100 5 2000
OCS-SWC-15 15000 100 5 3000
OCS-SWC-20 20000 200 10 2000
OCS-SWC-30 30000 200 10 3000



Outer package

OCS-SWCOuter package