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Wierless weighing Indicator with printer

◆Instrument size: 220X128X90mm, the latest design, compatible with the concept of portable, print and easy to operate. Shoulder bag style leather case,easy to carry, suitable for protected outdoor use.
◆Display: Wireless double-sided communication, 5 digits LCD display with backlight,digit height:25mm. Many functions on LCD display( battery power,TARE,ZERO,PEAK,Stable) .
◆Communications: Both RS232 serial port and USB port,solve most laptops without serial port problem. with the Everight company’s PC host computer software,not only display weigh value and stable information on the PC ,can also enter company’s name,complete storage ,print query and other functions .
◆Battery: High performance, 3500mAh SC type industrial Ni-H batteries, repeatedly charging times can reach 1000times, one time charge can work 50 hours under typical use.
◆Operatiing temperature: -20℃ to 60℃
◆Antenna: Internal antenna
◆Update rate from loadcell: 12 times per second.
◆Printer: FUJITSU FTP-608 2″ high speed thermal printer
◆CPU: ARM-based 32-bit MCU,combines with high performance,real time capabilities, and low power, low voltage operation.
◆Function on keyboard: It can print data,time,Serial number, commodity number,net weight and total weight. Also can input 16 digits head information,It can store up to 2000 weighing records.It can be statistics by serial number or commodity number,also can statistics by data, statistical results can be printed with weighing number and total weight.
◆Radio Frequency: Standard 2.4GHz wireless module, up to 70m wireless distance,up to 128 channels available.(433MHz, 868MHz wireless module optional).


580仪表显示   25mm (1’’)字高 5位液晶显示  
开机置零范围   20% 最大量程  
手动置零范围   4% 最大量程  
去皮范围   20%最大量程  
稳定时间   ≤5 秒  
全电量可持续时间   ≥50小时  
仪表电源   3.5Ah镍氢可充电电池  
打印机   富士通FTP-628 MCL101#50″高速热敏打印机  
工作温度   - 10℃ ~ + 50℃  
工作湿度   ≤85% RH under 20℃  
无线距离   80米(缺省), 200米(可选)  
无线频率   2.4GHz(缺省), 433MHz(可选)