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Wierless weighing Indicator

◆Adopts ∑-Δ A/D conversion technology.
◆Keyboard calibration, simple operation.
◆Battery charger with several protection modes to extend life of rechargeable battery.
◆Handset design, ABS plastic housing.
◆LCD display with EL low-power backlight.
◆Adopt SMT technology, reliable and high quality
◆Records can be accumulated and searched.
◆With rechargeable 4.8V/2.8AH battery for indicator, no memory. Scale body with power supply of DC 6V/4AH battery.
◆Power saving mode, indicator will turn off automatically after 30minutes with no operatio


A/D conversion method   Σ-Δ  
Input signal range   -3mV~15mV  
Load cell excitation   DC 5V  
Max. connection number of load cell   4 at 350 ohm  
Load cell connection mode   4 wire  
Verified counts   2000~3000  
Max. external counts   15000  
Division   1/2/5/10/20/50 optional  
Display   LCD display with backlight  
Wireless transmission frequency   450MHz  
Wireless transmission distance   200 meters (in wide place)